makes my heart 
grow fonder,
but your 
doubts just linger

should our 
fearful hearts
and let timing 
have its way?

but love wells up
in me 
like water 
that wants to 
from the 

and i don't want 
to say goodbye,
only in those words do 
i become shy.
will you take my hand,
an open palm?
in this letting go 
we may be wrong,
but in this letting go
we can be strong.

so we are mapped 
onto each other,
contained by the 
boundaries of timing.
but there was a wave
and we met 
in the swell,
and we will
rise in love,
we will rise
to love.

love is action
not just feeling.
love is traction-
if you can trust
the doubt.....


we were children

i wish that you could
trust me 
to be a bit more cautious;
but maybe i'm impatient
for all that
i could be.

despite your roots
of secrets,
i wanted you to grow
with me.
but what i gave you
room for,
you couldn't give to me.

but after all 
we were children-
just loving our way into 
the meaning of things.

and after all 
we were human-
just learning to carry
the weight of what we shared 
on our wings.

you said you wanted someone
who could be stronger-
but what does that mean?
and tell me, 
is it selfish to leave someone
because she's a mirror to see
what you could be?
and maybe it's true that
it's the root of me that
you don't understand-
but don't worry, because
no tree will grow anyway
if you never found
a common ground.

but after all 
we were children-
just loving our way into 
the meaning of things.



i never thought
'hello' could be harder
than 'goodbye'.
but when love still 
though we are now
hello just frustrates,
when the conversation
touched the heart.

goodbye is the honest word
that sets you free.
but hello just reminds you
of what you can't have
and what you 
used to be.

this timing doesn't fall
into the beat of
our hearts.

but even as we say goodbye,
i will not erase you
from my heart.
i choose that,
i know that,
with certainty.

but a future you and i?
well, that's not my part.
only time and circumstance
can hold the certainty
of that.....


light gets in

there is a crack in everything
that's how the light gets in.
but when i tried to 
force this fit, 
darkness filled

and i've tried to ignore
the signs that 
caution: to love you 
would leave me
a trace of what 
i could be.

and i won't try to 
mend a lie
while you ignore
the heart that hedged
every bet that 
you'd give more.

but when i'm on 
my own again,
i'll dream in blue,
of the sky above
my landing
without you. 

yes, everybody hurts sometimes
but it's just a fracture..
that's how the light gets in.....